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CNC machine tool coordinate direction discrimination rule

CNC machine tool coordinate direction discrimination rule shared by CNC prototype service China.

In order to simplify the CNC machining programming method and ensure the interchangeability of recorded data. CNC machining machine coordinates and direction of the naming of the international very early to develop a unified standard, our country in 1982 developed jb3051-82 "CNC machine coordinates and movement direction of the naming" standard.

In CNC machining standards, right-handed cartesian coordinate system is used to name the coordinate system of the machine tool. Use X, Y, Z to represent the line feeding axes. The relationship between the X, Y, and Z axes is determined by the right hand rule:

CNC machine tool coordinate direction discrimination rule

The circular feeding axes revolving around the X, Y and Z axes are represented by A, B and C respectively. According to the right hand spiral rule, the directions of +A, +B and +C are determined, as shown in the figure.

Precision CNC Machined Parts by CNC machining machine feed movement, some driven by the spindle tool movement to achieve, some by the table with the workpiece movement to achieve. Usually in programming, no matter the machine tool in the processing is the cutter movement, or the processed workpiece movement, all assume that the processed workpiece is relatively static, and the cutter is moving, and the direction of the cutter away from the workpiece as the coordinate of the positive direction Z axis and spindle axis coincide, the direction of the tool away from the workpiece is the positive direction (+Z); The X-axis is perpendicular to the z-axis and parallel to the clamping surface of the workpiece. If it is a single-column milling machine, the direction of the right movement of the cutter spindle is the positive direction of the X-axis (+X). The Y axis can be determined by the right hand rule according to the selected X and Z axes.

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