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How to distinguish CNC machining center from CNC milling machine?

How to distinguish CNC machining center and CNC milling machine?

Now CNC machining center and CNC milling machine in the mechanical processing industry has been widely used, but for the purchase of machine tools friends or beginners, how to distinguish CNC machining center and CNC milling machine has become a problem. In the light of doubt, the following manufacturers to everyone solve the mystery.

CNC milling machine and CNC machining center are composed of CNC system, servo system, mechanical body, hydraulic system and other parts. CNC milling machine machining parts, each process between the need for manual tool change. The biggest difference between CNC machining center and CNC milling machine is that the machining center has the function of automatic tool change. By installing different tools in the tool storehouse, the machining tool on the spindle can be changed through automatic tool change device in a clamping.

CNC machining center is actually evolved from CNC milling machine, it belongs to an upgrade of CNC milling machine, Aluminum CNC Machining Service in the machine structure, machining accuracy and other aspects than CNC milling machine has an advantage, automatic tool change is greatly improved the processing efficiency. Products with multiple production processes and fast tempo requirements. More suitable to use CNC machining center to process.

Above is CNC machining center and CNC milling machine similarities and differences, I hope to help you distinguish them correctly. Choose and buy to consider their own needs, can not blindly choose and buy, do not need frequent knife processing products can generally choose CNC milling machine, after all CNC milling machine relative to CNC machining center cost is low.

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Shortcomings of CNC lathe in China:

With the emergence of CNC lathe processing advantages, driven by high demand, China's CNC lathes have developed rapidly in recent years, but on the whole, there is still a certain gap with foreign brands of lathes. This is mainly China's CNC lathes research and development started late, long-term dependence on imports, and in the market competition with foreign lathes at a disadvantage.

The shortcomings of CNC lathes in China mainly include:

1, the lathe core technology is backward, independent innovation ability is insufficient;

2, lathe processing accuracy needs to be improved;

3. Lack of senior technical personnel;

4. Less investment in research and development of high-end lathe.

CNC lathe this series of deficiencies hinder the progress of the lathe industry in our country, need to pay great attention to, reasonable and scientific adjustment of development policy, improve the technical strength of lathe.

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